Thursday, 8 April 2010

things in my "office" that make me happy

well it's more like corner of our bedroom, but one day, one day, I shalt have a room of mine own.

Nik did this a while ago, and in the hope of it making me feel like I'm in the pages of Hello Magazine I'm doing the same.

So, we begin with
My Shelves
(my corner is mainly made up of these shelves and a desk)

Let's zoom in to an item or two
such as This David Lynch Quote
(which I like because I think it applies to writing as well as film making)

Hey! What's this?
A Corner Of A Shelf In My Corner Which Houses The Books And Magazines I've Been Published in
(this is good for morale)

Hang on! This isn't in your corner!
Chaise Longue
(in the living room and not in my corner, but it's the most writerly thing I own, except maybe a pen)

Wine And Crisps
(not always there but by god the day's a good un when they are)


Nik Perring said...

Brilliant! Love it! But the important question is: what flavour are them there crisps?

I love the Lynch quote; must be applicable to all art, I'd have said. It's the space between text and reader that the story grows in...


Teresa Stenson said...

Yes, you're right - it must be applicable to all art. I use it to remind me to write the sentences and the stories that I feel good about, rather than the things I think I should write.

The crisps - hm, well, I can't remember because they're not on my desk today, they might be salt and vinegar. They could be any un-cheesey flavour. Terese does not like cheese.

Howard Mosley-Chalk said...

It would be funny if the examples of things you've been published in were all erotic fiction and magazines. "Ah, my article for 'Big & Busty',,,"

Or something.

I have an office, but it is at work. Its still where I do all my writing though. I don't do any 'work' work.

Where do you get your pens from and is there a favourite colour you use?

Teresa Stenson said...

But a special sub-genre of erotica all set in Doncaster...

I get my pens from "Pauline's Pens" and my favourite colour is "any".

Howard Mosley-Chalk said...

"Her breasts were as round and firm as the central glass hemisphere at the Doncaster Dome, her skin as smooth as the unique up-hill ice skating rink."

Nik Perring said...

I'm with you on the anti-cheese front. And DEFO with you on writing what you enjoy and not what you ought to; it's got to be fun to be fresh, otherwise it ends up being shit and wrong-shaped (not unlike cheese, interestingly ;) ).

N :)

Teresa Stenson said...

"It almost felt as nice as going down the yellow flume."

Teresa Stenson said...

Sorry Nik - you just got sandwiched between location-specific erotica...

Teresa Stenson said...
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Nik Perring said...

Ha ha ha! I'm saying nothing. Yellow flumes, eh? ;)

Teresa Stenson said...

Yeah, boo to cheese!

And oh dear, and my 'yellow flume' metaphor sounds like an awful euphenism when it's actually referring to the faster of the 2 water slides at Doncaster Dome.

Howard Mosley-Chalk said...

'Only for the brave.' I got a nose bleed from that one once. Hang on, you sure it wasn't the pink one that was more violent?

Sophie Playle said...

Nice! I love these kinds of posts.

I love seeing how many of the same books I have as other people :D

And that's an impressive shelf of published work!

Teresa Stenson said...

Howser - I always thought it was the yellow one... maybe it depended which coastguard was on? Or lifeguard.

Sophie - thanks :) and yeah, whenever I see a shelf in a photo I'm scanning it to see what books I have too. Makes me feel cleverer.

Blake said...

Oh, I thought you had the Chaise Longue in your corner. The David Lynch quote really is good, since it applies to all the things we do in life. And the fact that you have things to make you happy in your office is a good way to be productive.

Blake Mitchell