Friday, 2 April 2010

a quote from my diary

I've written my first piece of non-fiction about diary keeping for the next issue of Tomlit, due out next week.

It's quite personal and reflective, and not an article as such. It was hard-ish to write, mainly because I began by looking over my old diaries - far too easy to get distracted by my teenage dramas and wistful analysing.

I'll give you a taster.

From my diary, 31.12.94 (I was 13):

"When I look back on 1994, it's been ok. The summer was the greatest ever. I learnt quite a lot, but then again, I didn't."


Julie P said...

What an interesting idea for an article! I'm sure it was a great experience to go back through your diaries and I'm sure folks will be interested to read it.


Teresa Stenson said...

Julie, I'm so sorry I missed this comment. It was indeed a great experience, in fact I haven't gone through the lot yet, it's too much to take in, to think about, to cringe at. The article is available to read online now, there's a link to it on the sidebar of this page. Thanks for stopping in.