Monday, 10 October 2011

New thing and an admin

Well, 'some' admin, I just like the way that title sounds.

The new thing first - nothing to announce or point you towards, but note-worthy for me. I've been dabbling lately in non-fiction, and have just sent away a short feature article to The Daily Telegraph for their 'Just back from' travel writing competition.

It runs every week, and the winner each week wins £200 in the currency of your (assuming you win, like) choice. I have no travel plans, nor any of my own currency money to spend on a trip, so if I win I'll just get euros and go mad in Top Shop or something. But I'm telling you because I'm excited to have written and subbed a non-fiction thing. A while ago I wrote an article on diary-keeping and pitched it to Oh Comely Magazine but they didn't get back to me. Darn. It is in the process of being re-shaped and will go to this competition very soon instead.

The admin - I have just, at last - I was putting it off because it feels a bit icky, bit big-headed - updated this blog with 2 quotes from 2 well-known and proper writers who judged my stories and said good things about them. They are over in the side-bar now, so, you know, read if you want to.

On a serious note, I'm very happy to be able to add those quotes. They are lovely and generous and I'm proper grateful.