Friday, 5 April 2013

This post doesn't have a title because I don't know what it is about just now. I just wanted to write a post but didn't feel a particular sway towards a topic or a thing to tell you about so I'm just going to write and see what happens.


So I'll start by telling you I've made a lot of story submissions these past 2 weeks. I was what you might call 'on fire' submissions-wise for a good few days and just kept sending stuff out. A few things I already know the fate of - I didn't win The Lascaux Flash thingy or The Writers' and Artists' one. But that's okay, isn't it, like always.

I'm awaiting news of stories at The BBC, Mslexia, Bath, The South American Short Story Prize and Short Fiction Journal and still the decision-making hasn't happened yet for the funding I applied for to write my novel (should know by June, so still a wee while yet).

The Great Submission Event of 2013 happened cos I had a good look at my 'completed_unpublished' folder and saw that it was empty because I have been TERRIBLE at keeping up to date with my file keeping and saving things in the right place. I had several 'completed_unpublished' stories still hanging out in the 'ideas_works in progress' folder and a few which were just knocking about willy-nilly in the very general 'my documents'. Oof. I had to have a good clear out. And so I did - and reader, (I watched Jane Eyre this week) it took days.

BUT. I came out the other end and now have what can only be described as a fairly tidy couple of folders. I realised I am REALLY TERRIBLE when it comes to editing a story and just saving it as another version of the story, sometimes in a different place to the original. I deleted all previous versions of stuff and I also deleted some VERY OLD (like, 7 years old) stories which were...yeah, terrible.

One such story, Hooked, (not a sequel or prequel or equal to the film Hook) I started 7 years ago and is about a woman who is being haunted (yes) by picture hooks on her walls (yes).

I am saying no more about it but I am going to ask you: look in your document folders. If, like me, you have saved stuff from years ago (or even days ago - I don't think bad ideas stop really, but the years-ago ones are easier to spot as 'bad') see if you have a story idea you started, maybe finished, but that seems so far away from you and what you'd write now that it's alien.

Have a look - and if you feel like it - share in the comments.

Oh, well look at that - I started with no particular place to go and have ended with a rallying call for your best bad ideas. Share!