Friday, 15 April 2016

Where I am... and OVERHEARD

So I haven't blogged well and properly for quite some time. I am still here, writing, but not for myself at the moment - I'm deep in the process of ghost-writing two autobiographies. I've composed a few blog posts in my head - a really good one in fact about how I'm noticing the way ghost-writing affects my 'regular' creativity (in a mostly good way) and all the lessons I'm learning as I meet and write for some wonderful people, but there's hardly time for regular creativity at the moment let alone a blog about it. But I hope to share some thoughts with you soon.

HOWEVER there is always time to share an EXCELLENT overheard conversation. And this one is pretty special. As I sat in my local coffee shop today, working on someone else's story, this one infiltrated my ears.

Context: A man, perhaps 50 years old, is speaking to/at his friend 'Pam'. He is incensed.

Man: "I’m as good as Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk. I play synthesiser, Pam. Fucking synthesiser! I know a thousand key combinations! Thank god I come from a musical background or I’d be up shit creek. I said to my dad, ‘I want world wide dominance with my synthesiser playing’. ‘You’ll get it, son,’ he said. But when will I get it, Pam? He said my playing would blow people’s minds!"

Pam, on her phone: "Ooh - fish shop opens at 4."

and..... SCENE.