Sunday 29 May 2011


It's been too long since my last post. I've been using the internet a lot less, mostly because I bit the bullet and downloaded the ironically-named software 'Freedom' which you can use to banish the internet connection from your computer for a time of your choosing (between 15minutes and 8 hours).

It's pretty simple, and I like it. It allows me to control what I do when the part of my brain that's restless during writing prods me and suggests I check my emails (just in case I got any in the last 4 minutes). I've had it on my desktop for about 2 weeks, and actually I just realise now I haven't used it much this past week. I'm cured!

So I've been working on my book, and I'm about 6000 words in which is good going for me. I've started and stopped and re-worked and re-approached this idea so many times. I get so far and think, 'Is this really the right way to write this idea???' and that can be debilitating. But whatever I'm doing is working at the moment so I'm just steaming on with it, picking it up whenever I have the time/energy/inclination.

There's a nice mention for my story Willesden Herald shortlisted story Blue Raincoat in this interview with the first prize winner, Mary O'Shea. I was really thrilled when I read what Mary said, really honoured to be in her top 3 from the anthology. Which you can win a copy of if you leave a comment below the interview (before May 31st).

Other stuff... hm, didn't get longlisted for The Bristol Prize. Bugger. Still waiting to hear back from a few places for other stories. The new issue of Writing Magazine will be out in the next week or so, I'll let you know if my letter gets in. My letter-writing is at an optimum this month - I've also written to the head office of the company I work for about a policy they've put in place that has, erm, how to put this? Angered myself and the rest of the staff. Adding 'Disgruntled letter writer' to my CV fo' sure.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Dear Sir

Have gone all indignant about an interview I read with Lee Child in Writing Magazine - indignant enough to write to the letters' page about how I really don't agree with his view that writers who struggle with finding time to write, or the discipline to write 'are probably not motivated correctly to be a writer.'

My problem with it is that it's too black and white, doesn't allow for much deviation, but mostly I think it could be dangerous to read if you're a writer who's going through a bad spot.

I'll let you know if it gets published.

Other news

The Fiction Project book I'm putting together is almost finished - I have the content ready (remember - it's the story called 'Oh hey so I love you! Oh, no, I just sicked it up') and will transfer it into the Moleskine tomorrow and the day after, then it's going to the US where it hooks up with all the other participating Moleskines to go on tour, eventually winding up at Brooklyn Art Library. The whole process has been useful and interesting - I'll write a post about it when I've got it finished and posted away.

Away I go now to my evening bar shift. Often when I'm working later in the day I get more done, a race against the clock kinda thing.