Thursday, 24 September 2015

Oh hello

- it's been ages since my last post. It was a different season! I can just see myself back then, all full of summer and picnic expectations. I think we managed to have one. Now we're well into September, the days are long enough, the light is beautiful, the air is calm. Feels like breathing out.

So, some things that have happened between July 27th and now:
- As always, I've been writing short stories and sending them out
- Stories submitted: 4
- Stories rejected: 2
- Stories still out there: 2
- Good news! A hit - I found out I was a semi-finalist in CARVE Magazine's Short Story Contest
- I attended two lovely weddings
- I met my best friend's new baby girl
- I worked mostly in my cinema / bar job
- Tried to make cinder toffee, FAILED, something to do with temperatures, really claggy, stuck to everyone's teeth
- Baked choc chip cookies twice, SUCCESS both times, boyfriend's mum said they were better than the ones she gets from Marks and Spencer (high praise)
- I put about half a stone on (cookie / wine / take-away related)
- My fringe isn't what it used to be
- I read some great books: The Good Son by Paul McVeigh, The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, Crooked Heart by Lissa Evans
- I got into guided meditations - all of which I found with searches on Youtube
- TOOTHACHE (cinder toffee related)
- Corbyn Mania
- Applied for a few writing-related jobs
- Really excited about it
- Will be doing it alongside my other jobs for now
- I'll post about it soon, once I actually start doing it

Just this week I started back at my job at the university, which I love doing, and like I said at the start of the post I really relax into September, it feels more like New Year to me than New Year does.

Hope things are good with you.