Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Quotes From My Teenage Diaries: Part 1 - BEST FRIENDS

May 1992 

I'm 11 years old. The most important thing at school is who is best friends with who


I'm no longer in touch with most of the girls I'm ranting about so that's why I've blacked their names out - but I think it adds to the rage I was feeling.

Another entry, a few days later:

My thoughts as I read this:

-  The drama! Is this why, when I was a few years older, I didn't have a 'best friend' but preferred a small group of really good friends? 

- The rage! Especially at the girl who had three best friends IN ONE DAY (and 'wasted' all of them - how do you waste a best friend? I don't know, but she was soooo wasteful).

- The sadness! I feel sorry for my 11-year old self. The girl with the three best friends  - side note: she once said I didn't have a hairstyle! I was 11! Hello feelings of confusion and inadequacy at a young age - well she wanted to be best friends with my best friend, and it was reciprocal (I just sensed it, she was being distant, cold...) but I held on out of some idea of principle and I wish I could go back and say a big F-YOU to both of them, and flick my not-a-hairstyle-hair as I walked away, free of the chains and drama and pressure of being BEST FRIENDS and just get on with writing letters to the local paper (all will be revealed in Part 2 - come back in a few days). 


Quotes From My Teenage Diaries is an ongoing project as I re-read and reflect on the diaries I kept from the age of 11 to 16. There's a Facebook page here and soon - I hope - there will be a podcast. If you enjoyed this or can relate in any way - please do leave a comment or say hi on Facebook - it'd be lovely to hear from you (I promise I won't make you be my best friend).   

Friday, 14 April 2017

Quotes from my teenage diaries: a new venture

The blog has been given a new lease of life! 
I'm making my way through my teenage diaries and I'll be sharing quotes, photos and reflections along the way.

Come back soon for more (much more) - until then, a few photos from my very first diaries - written in 1992, when I was 11 years old.