Thursday, 29 May 2014

right so

I know I've been quiet lately - it's been a mix of being busy and ... ok maybe it's not a mix, I've just been busy. I come here and think 'need to write a blog but I'll wait cos I'll have something better to say in a few days...' Time doesn't come, so what this is is a quick scawl, post entering The Bridport Novel Award and pre getting me tea ready.

So that's what I've just been doing, writing and getting my novel in progress ready for Bridport. It is a work in progress so I'll be working on it even while it's away seeing if it's good enough for the longlist.

I've been to the Dales with my writing group, that was fab, and I've been being (lovely language today) a dedicated Maid Of Honour for my friend's wedding (actually not til August, but organising a Hen Night is like a project in itself, a high pressured but exciting one).

When I'm back from Henning it's full guns on the novel.

Other stuff... hm, didn't get anywhere in all the comps I really hoped I'd get somewhere in these last few months - Mslexia, Bath, the BBC... Onwards yeah yeah.

The novel's the thing.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, exciting with the novel, good luck!
And yeah to Mslexia and Bath, I subbed a couple of prev shortlisted stories to those and they both flopped right on their faces. At least now I feel in good company :)

Rachel Fenton said...

Ah, this is the Bath rejects forum - I'm in the right place :)

Have the BBC results come out already?

I've got my good vibes weebydigging down towards your novel - good things can and do happen and they'll happen for you xx

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, love all of Rachel's comment :)

Karen Jones said...

Knowing that you're on the Hen weekend, I really just want to say, 'GIN!' but I won't.

Yeah, nowhere in Mslexia for me either, but I wasn't selling a bike (if you've read the winner, you may get that bitchy reference.) Sorry - I know - I'm a bad person. Longlist (again) for Bath, but no further. But I didn't even get anything ready for Bridport novel, so I plan to live that one vicariously through you - so win. Do it!

Rachel Fenton said...

Ta, TUpchurch! :))

Rebecca Alexander said...

I think, to be successful you need talent (which you already have) and persistence in the face of...well, being missed off a few longlists. Persistence is key, keep writing!

Teresa Stenson said...

Thank you, ladies!

Yeah I know, gotta keep going... was (is) just a spate of rejections in places I'd been hoping at. Thank you all for your weebydigging, gin-soaked well wishes :)

Hope good things are happening where you are. I know they are for you, Rae - so excited for you! I am totally weebydigging my excitement to you. Bloody brilliant.

(In case anyone missed it, look at this:

Rachel Fenton said...

Thanks, ladybird! I'm weeby-wobbly with all the excitement! Don't know what to do with myself. I keep expecting someone to say it was all a mistake and my name wasn't meant to be on the list - bonkers-making! Your turn for some good luck next xxxx