Thursday, 10 April 2014

and the winner is...(a photo story)

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition to win Karen Jones' book, Upside-down Jesus and other stories.

I said I'd post photos of me drawing names out the 'hat' and I said it would be amazing. That might not be true. But I did it, just now and in public. Here you go.

I'm in a well known coffee shop chain. I'd rather not reveal which one.

And so I begin the process of selecting a winner. Step one, page torn out of my cliched writer's notebook (MOLESKINE)

Rippety rip

Writey writey

I had the exact amount of pieces of paper I needed for names! Things like this make me glad, like the universe is saying EVERYTHING IS GOING WELL

Now try to look normal again.

Foldy foldy

This is not a hat.

Woop - WELL DONE...


So yes, well done, Jen. Karen will post your prize out to you, so it's probably easiest for you to send Karen a DM via Twitter with your postal address.

Thank you again to everyone who supported this endeavour, and sorry you couldn't all win a copy. If you'd like to buy Upside-down Jesus and other stories it's available on lulu and Amazon.

I'm sure you all feel like winners though, just for seeing my riveting photo story. Yes. 


Unknown said...

Today cannot get any better. This is so nice. First time I've ever been picked out of a hat for a prize. And look what I won! Wow! :-0)

Dan Purdue said...

Excellent work on the paper folding/tearing there, Teresa. It's almost as if you'd seen a true master of the art and took your inspiration from him. Or her. But probably him.

Congratulations to Jen for winning Karen's book, I'm sure she'll enjoy it (what with it being well good and that).

Karen Jones said...

So exciting watching the draw! Brilliantly done, Teresa.

And congratulations, Jen. Yep, I'll get the book signed and sent off to you asap.

Teresa Stenson said...

Jen - yay - so pleased for you :)

Dan - it's true, I did channel a Master of Paper Folding and Tearing, but I managed to do it about 12 times faster.

Karen - I'm so thrilled you were so thrilled by the draw. Thanks for guesting and giving.

Anonymous said...

I just came in late on this but the whole post made me smile, love the ripping, and the book sounds great :)

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, Tracy :) Hope things are good with you.