Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A spider is trying to tell me something (Putting an anthology together: Part 5.)

There's a very short story I wrote a while ago with a spider in it. I have been undecided about whether or not it fits in with the collection, if it is good enough. It is a little odd-ball.

I hadn't thought much about it for a bit, but I found myself thinking about it in the bath today. (Some of the story happens in the bath.) I thought to myself: Should I include it? I flicked my eyes and the very next thing I saw was a spider.

Weird, I thought. Did a little laugh. Said, 'Oh, okay then, I'll include it' out loud. But I still wasn't sure I would.

I just told my boyfriend about it. He's always liked the spider story and reckons it should definitely go in.

I said I'm not so sure.

A minute or 2 later I logged in to my stat-counter account which tells me what people type into Google to find this blog, either purposefully by Googling my name, or accidentally by Googling other stuff which I happen to have written about. The most recent phrase that brought someone here: Spider ran at me. (Because I wrote this post when a spider ran at me.)

So, the question is: Do I obey the spiders, or keep hesitating to see what they do next?


Dan Purdue said...

Do what they tell you.

Let's face it, how freaked out are you going to be when they start writing messages to you in their webs, like in that documentary, Charlotte's Web?

Nora Nadjarian said...

Spiders rule. LOL.
I loved this.

Teresa Stenson said...

Well that's just a horrible idea. Dan.

Thanks, Nora, you've confirmed Dan's insinuation that there's going to be a spider uprising. *shudder*.

Rachel Fenton said...

Just include it before the tinterweb's overrun with the bloody things! Yeuch!