Thursday, 17 February 2011


Thanks to Jessica Patient for giving me a Stylish Blogger Award. Stylish, eh? Well I have had my hair cut recently into a bob. It's well arty. In accepting I must tell you 7 things about me. A chance to tell you contrived things about myself in order to sound cool/quirky/lovable/soooo unique? Oh, okay!

1. For the past 2 hours or so I've had the Christmas song Phoebe sings to the friends in Friends in my head endlessly. 'Saw Santa Claus, said hello to Ross'. I'd like it to go out of my head now, please.
2. I like Friends. Still.
3. It's on a lot but I still like it.
4. But it might be responsible for people's unrealistic expectations of how friends should behave.
5. It looks like Courtney Cox has been at the botox.
6. I bet they do a reunion episode soon.
7. I didn't plan to just write about Friends, I just didn't fancy doing the 7 things about me thing. I like it when other people do it, and I did it before, here, so I'm not getting all moral or anything.

And now, I'll nominate 7 blogs I think are well worthy of a look-sie.

1. Anna Cathenka for poetry
2. Lies, Ink from successful short story writer Dan Purdue (also has a competitions calendar)
3. The Coward's Journey for a peep into what happens after your novel is accepted by Bloomsbury
4. Fragments and Snapshots for great over-heard bits of conversation
5. Creepy Queery Girl writes with gusto about her quest for the attention of an agent
6. Snow Like Thought inspiring output from writer Rachel
7. The Happy Kimono always features amazing art and photography

Thanks again to Jessica - her writing blog is great too and it is here.


Creepy Query Girl said...

I watch friends reruns on french tv daily. They just restarted season one and theirs an option to watch it in english so I'm a happy girl. Congrats on the award and thanks for thinking of me!

Teresa Stenson said...

You're welcome!

I bet, even without the English option, you'd still know the lines - not from any knowledge of French but your familiarity with the scripts - they're ingrained! But it must be a comfort to have it original-stylee.


Rachel Fenton said...

Cheers for this! I like your evasive tact...
...I don't have telly and missed much of Friends when I did BUT I'm heavily into MadMen (I am aware it's not funny as in Friends funny...) but one (different each week)character every episode says "true"...and that has become the word to listen out for...Except I have to wait for another series now and Jon Hamm is up a slope with Megan Fox and his "long term partner" - filming a, um, film... Arrested Developments's quirky but that's Canadian I think...Oh and Treme is very not funny but oh so good. I don't do bad for not having telly!
Maybe I should have just said, I accept, thank you...

Lola Sharp said...

Congrats on your award!
Also, I think Courtney has done more than botox. She's getting creepy looking. 0_o

I'm your newest follower. :) *waves hello*

Have a happy weekend,

Dan Purdue said...

Thanks for the award, Teresa, much appreciated. I'll have to give it some thought - I'm not good at coming up with interesting nuggets of information about myself. That old thing of trying to second-guess what people would actually be interested in knowing...

I'll also try to remember why I'm following the blogs I do.

And Friends? Now there's a blast from the past. I don't think I've watched an episode of that in ages. I'm enjoying Matt Le Blanc's appearance in Episodes, though.

Teresa Stenson said...

Rachel - thanks for the rundown of your TV tendencies. 'Mad Men' looks great, never seen an episode though. I like TV. I don't like it when people have a go at the act of watching the tele. I'm addicted to Coronation Street. It's funny! We have a digibox that records TV programmes, up to 80 hours stored on there, useful for not being tied to a schedule. So I watch Corrie with my cereal and nettle tea of a morning. Lovely.

Lola - hello! Welcome, thanks for following. I love it when I log in to see a new follower, and especially when they say hello. Courtney looks well weird, you're right. Shame. She's all puffed up. Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

Dan - write anything - I think actually, from my own reading habits, people really like it when they get a little insight into your world. You could do it a bit differently and show 7 photos of something, writing related maybe, like your writing space, tools etc. And how can have you not seen Friends in years - it's on all the time! What do you mean you don't sit with the remote in your hand all day flicking around between C4, C4+1, E4, E4+1???