Tuesday 27 July 2010

possible freedom

How do you follow such a political hard-hitting blog post as my last one? Ce n'est pas possible.

Instead of even attempting to write a post of my own tonight, I'd like instead to direct you to Jessica Patient's recent post on creativity and imagination - based on notes Jessica took as she listened to the artist Grayson Perry interviewed on Radio 4. It's very useful, and will maybe strike a chord or two in you - take a look.

I love the fact that Perry has a concrete beam in his studio, engraved with 'Creativity is mistakes'. The freedom you can give yourself by believing that must be awesome. I want to get there.


Rachel Fenton said...

I was reading something recently by Perry - he's such a likeable guy - and clever/talented.

Will zip over for a read.

Thank you - and for your important work, uh hu hu! A little less conversation, a little more curling please....

Rachel Fenton said...
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Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, as ever, for your support.