Monday, 21 June 2010

less a to-do list

The writing streak continues. Breath is held. Only it's not really - I'm just appreciative and happy that I'm 'on it' as the Americans say. I think that's an American thing to say?

I reckon there are some contributing factors to me getting more done, and maybe one of them will help another writer/creative (if I only help one other writer...) so I'll share.

Reasons I think I'm writing more:

- I got rid of Facebook. So, generalising this advice I'll say eliminate unnecessary distractions.

- I made a list of competitions, with cash prizes, that are closing soon. I shared them here. I would really like a holiday this year, and if I can fund it with writing that would be brillo. I know it's not all about the money, otherwise we wouldn't do it, but the incentive helps. I decided to enter all four of the competitions I found, and already I've entered two - a week before the closing dates! So - have an incentive.

- I'm busy the weekend before the closing dates. I know I just said I'd like a holiday, so it will sound like a contradiction when I say I'm going to London this weekend, but as it's just 2 days to visit my friend and won't involve much relaxing it doesn't count. But the point is that time is limited before the comp closing dates - so there's a little pressure, and I work well under pressure. So - apply pressure.

- I learnt a new thing. Well, someone told me about a thing that they do and I've started it too. This links to the title of this blog post and is most appropriate if you like making lists, which I really do. Ok - rather than making a 'to-do' list, make a 'prediction list'. Predict what you think you'll get done that day/week/writing session - whatever works best for you. Tick things off as you go, as you would anyway. If, at the end of the time you've given yourself - day/week/writing session - you have stuff left on the list - you should think about your predictions, your expectations of yourself, rather than the negative of Not Doing Everything On The List. Maybe you were unrealistic in your goal-setting. It makes you consider the time you have, and prioritise what you need to do. I'm not sure if this would work for everyone. It would be helpful to people who put unrealistic expectations on their time. I don't do that, I just like a new way of listing. So - get a new gimmick. Or, a new way of writing and ticking off your achievements.

Think that's it.

Oh - it's my blog's birthday today! Happy birthday blog. You are one. You are like a little baby owl, unafraid, by the side of a majestic lioness.

Best photo ever? I think so.


Nik Perring said...

That's ace to hear!

And happy birthday, blog!


Rachel Fenton said...

That is such a funny picture - made me hoot (haha, get it, hoot, a ha,a,,,a, hmn)

Brilliant that you are writing and feeling positive - I have totally clammed up since deciding to try and enter more comps - but have done other worthwhile but non-earning things...well, I tell myself that because if I can't be kind to myself how can I keep up practice for being kind to others? :) I'm with you on the avoid distractions...I am very protective of my scant writing time! Like that lioness!

Best of luck with the comps, have a super trip to London and Happy Bloggy Birthday!

Happy Kimono said...

Happy Birthday Blog of Treacle! x x x

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks Nik, Rachel and Happy Kimono x

Miles said...

Happy Blogday! Another good post, I think I might defer to you every time I'm about to write, just to see 'how Tree is doing' ;-)

Teresa Stenson said...

That is wise.