Saturday, 11 July 2009

Will I survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

- tomorrow I'll find out.

My friends Miles and Tony who make the awesome Zomblogalypse web series have roped me in to act in an episode.

Eeeeeeeek - is how I feel about it. I have a few film-maker friends and whenever I'm asked to be in something I feel the same.

I want to
, because I want to be supportive and I like what they're doing. I don't want to because I think I'll mess up and look stupid on film. Especially when magnified and projected onto a cinema screen. The I want to side wins though, it has to, because the I don't want to side is just lame.

If you haven't seen it yet check the website out - at around 10 minutes for each episode they're funny, gory and very inventive. AND they got a mention in Empire Magazine's newsletter last month. Ace.

I know just a few things about what I'll be doing - but the main one is acting 'traumatised' (easy). I can't give too much away or I'll spoil the episode, but I need two t-shirts of the same colour and their special effects guys will be there to do me a bite...

Oh, so I get bit - that answers my question up there, then.

And I've given quite a lot away, haven't I? Miles - if you're reading - tell me off if you want me to delete some of this :)


Miles said...

You'll be ace Tree, and I think regular followers know by now that everyone we meet gets bitten, including one of the main characters, no-one's safe. So no spoilers necessary.

And you're right; the I Don't Want To side is indeed lame. Every time I've done something I was scared of doing but really wanted to do, it's been the most fun ever. Plus, free barbecue, so...

Jessica said...

You need to survive the zombie apocalypse as you need to read 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'!

Teresa Stenson said...

Well, I survived, my character - not so lucky...

I'll be writing about it later.