I'm Teresa, a writer based in York, England.

My stories have been published widely in places like The Guardian and Writers' Forum, and I've won prizes at BridportThe Willesden Herald and Magic Oxygen.

As well as writing my own stories I help other people write theirs, working as a ghostwriter specialising in life story and autobiography. I founded my own company, Your Life Story, in late 2016 doing just that.

My latest project, Quotes From My Teenage Diaries, which I'm writing about here on this blog, charts my journey as I re-read the many (many, so many) diaries I wrote in my early years, focusing on those I kept from the ages of 11 - 16.

As I write (April 2017) this diary sharing project is a new venture for me, though it is something I've been thinking about for years. I've shared the occasional funny quote or observation online but I haven't examined the past in such a detailed way as this. As such I really appreciate your comments, shares and feedback - so please do interact and let me know what you think.

You can find Quotes From My Teenage Diaries on Facebook, and coming soon - a podcast. I'm on Twitter too.