Sunday, 19 July 2009

If I didn't have to go to work today

I would:

  • go for a long walk and have at least 3 amazing story ideas by the time I got home
  • make some coffee and set myself up by the window with notepad and pen
  • write something freehand, original and long without stopping
  • not even think about going online
  • type up the first draft of brand-new story on my laptop (still not thinking about going online)
  • edit and finish several works in progress and find places to sub them to (this will involve going online but I'll be very quick and productive)
  • be amazed as all the components of a plot for a novel fall into place in my mind for the first time ever
  • write the first 1000 words of that novel
  • eat very healthily and maybe do a few sit ups inbetween the various writing tasks
  • enjoy feeling completely fulfilled and happy about how I've spent my day

So it's just such a damn shame I have to go to work because today really would have been, like, the best writing day, ever.


Miles said...

Would it though?

Kerry said...


Found your blog through Jessica's blog...I'm enjoying it muchly (yep, it's word)will keep checking in!

Kerry x

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Kerry - nice to meet you and thanks so much(ly) for reading and saying hello!

Miles - no, it wouldn't. It's just that unjust feeling you get when you have to go to work for the money you wish you could make from doing the thing you love... not that I don't love making lattes and pulling pints and cleaning tables. Ahem.

Miles said...

I do know that feeling, apart from the making drinks part. But sometimes the having to endure a day at work can put that fire in your belly, that urgency to make sure you make the most of the next free time you have off. And I know you do that lots, so don't punish yourself! xxx

Anonymous said...
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