Monday, 6 July 2009

In a mad rush

cos I'm about to start my bar shift-

but here's where today's story went to: Fiction at Work

And, like yesterday, the story I sent is a very short thing that once thought it was a poem. Or I thought it was a poem. It is now happily, a piece of flash fiction of just 75 words. It's called 'Approaching girls in Dixons' - but I'm concerned that Dixons doesn't exist now - did it merge with Currys and Currys came out victorious (name-wise)?

In other news - I took my laptop out for a write in a cafe garden, and after a while noticed many, many ants anting around near and across it. I'm wondering if any crawled inside...

And so today's sub to Fiction at Work concludes the manifesto (am I using the right word here?) I announced last Friday: 'I shalt sub one piece of work each day for the next four days' (or similarly worded) .

So that's good.

The next four days I will: 'Get something new written for that Guardian Comp'.


Jessica said...

Good luck :)

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, Jessica.

Are you entering too?

La Belette Rouge said...

I so envy your ability to tell a story with so few words. I am afraid that I am a long winded story teller. That said, I was blocked for years so I am not complaining. I would rather write a lot than not write.
Hee-hee, this comment might be 75 words before I am done.
Good luck with your story and I hope the ants decide to move out of your laptop.

Teresa Stenson said...

Laptop running fine so far, maybe they'll colonise and start running it on ant power, to save my battery?

Thanks for your comment, Belette. I am quite an economical writer and there are times when I'd love to be long winded!

It's great that you have 'unblocked' and you're taking full advantage of it. Your blog is such a compendium of interesting and flowing writing, and there's so much going on. I'm enjoying making my way through it.