Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sunday was

a couple of days ago now, but still bloody brilliant.

So - all my worries aside about whether or not I'd be any good on camera - forget all that, because Sunday was about blood, and guts, and entrails, and bites, and fake limbs, and -

-okay - if I've lost you here I'm sorry - but it was ace being on set (ahem, in the alley way where we filmed) with everyone invloved and especially 2BadiesFX who came all the way from Leeds and Bradford having spent the past few weeks (or months?) making torsos and working out how to project blood from ankles and necks and bellies and...

-okay. I know, it's weird and gross and maybe not that interesting if you weren't there. But these 2 guys from 2Baldies, Darren and Ian, came with so much enthusiasm and expertise it was just cool to be involved, and see them at work.

I took photos, most of which I can't put up yet because they are essentially spoilers for the episode which isn't due to go online until Aug 10th. But I can show you some taster photographs.

Just a bag of entrails

Just a glob of blood hidden in my neck

Just a vat of blood

Just a vat of blood being poured into a beaker

Zomblogalypse episode 9 is online now (episode 10 is the one we just filmed).

Go to episode 9 to see the first episode the 2Baldies worked on. I'll just say 'brains'.

It's funny too, honest.

And I'm not usually into this sort of thing, honest.

(More about writing and being a writer again soon)


Miles said...

You were super, Tree. Supertree!

Making films with all the people we... make films with, is always a grand time, and it's great to drag new people into the Zomblog fold... and then KILL them.


Teresa Stenson said...

Aw, thanks Miles. I love it when I get all killed. Then come back again all undead for episode 12.

Miles said...

Oh yes, and you can wail like an undead Linda Blair...