Thursday, 16 July 2009

a snippet

of good news-

The editor of Fiction at Work emailed to say Approaching girls in Dixons has been accepted and will be published in their online magazine at the end of September.

I'm really pleased they've gone for it. It's quite a short and odd thing of about 75 words. And I can promote 'Fiction at Work' from the 'Waiting to hear back from' list into 'Coming Soon', which is a great feeling.

That's all for today, s'been a varied week so far: zombies, a long walk, Bruno at the cinema, reading, but no writing. Well, some notes, but no writing. Should see to that, really.

I think something might be happening sub consciously. Do you ever feel like that?


Anne Brooke said...

Great news - well done indeed!



Miles said...

I do often feel like that, but can you explain what you think you mean? ;-)

claires inner world said...

Don't try and think about it, or look at it straight on, or it will disappear! Just whistle, and pretend to be doing something else, and take a sneaky peek from time to time!

Finally got to see your blog! Well done on having your story accepted. I had another rejection today - onward and upward though [through gritted teeth!]
Claire x

Teresa Stenson said...

Thank you, Anne.

Miles - erm, no. But I can explain what I know I can't mean. Actually, no.

Claire - oh, rejection, yeah I had one of those last week too. I'm more used to sending my work to competitions where you don't get formally rejected - you just don't appear on the short list (after months of obsessively checking the website for results).

I think the trick is to have as many things out there being considered as possible, then it's easier to take a 'no' because a 'yes' might be on its way soon.

About 6 hours after my rejection email last week, I got a really friendly 'maybe' email from somewhere else, which was a nice contrast.

Good luck with wherever you sub to next :)

claires inner world said...

Thanks for the good advice - I've only just started subbing really - you're way ahead of me...! I hope the flash fiction does well.

Suzette Saxton said...

Congrats! That is wonderful news.

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, and hello, Suzette

Miles said...

Oh ok then, don't explain it. But yes, very well done, you mega-published person, you :-D

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks ants. Just got another rejection though so 'mega published person' doesn't quite fit right now... but it's all part of the process, as that woman singer sang in that band.