Saturday, 4 July 2009


So I'm keeping up the manifesto I laid out yesterday: 'I shalt sub a story each day for the next 4 days' (why '4 days' - why not a week? I'm not sure. But by Monday I'll have 8 pieces out there being considered, then I'll focus on writing something new).

I have just emailed Flashquake : an online magazine who publish flash fiction (for these guys it's anything less than 1000 words, and no minimum) with a 280 word bit of something. I actually tried my luck at Flashquake two years ago with a, erm, well - I think it might be a piece of 'Prose Poetry', which was fairly rejected. I had a look over it recently and saw its flaws quite clearly.

You can actually opt to receive 'editorial comments' with your rejection, and reader 1 who said these 3 little words : 'Melodramatic, awkward POV' about my rejected piece was bang on the money. (I did bruise at the word 'Melodramatic' though.) I'm welcoming the editorial comments again for the piece I've just emailed. A good chance to thicken the writing skin.

If anyone is interested in subbing, their current reading period ends July 31st, and they'll let you know around Aug 15th if you're successful or not.

Just received Tania Hershman's short story collection, The White Road and Other Stories from Salt Publishing
. I've seen Tania's name in almost every shortlist I've never made it onto in the past few years (might not be entirely true - but don't you find that there are certain names you recognise from shortlists of the prizes / places you send work to?) and I'm really heartened by her success as a short story writer, and now with her own collection. It's just so rare for publishers to take on someone who isn't a novelist and publish a collection of their shorts.

Salt though, are an independent and forward thinking publishing house in danger of collapse. You might have heard of their 'Just One Book' campaign because it's been big news, with celebs (well, Griff Rhys Jones - a meaningful celeb) and the world's media reporting on their bull-by-the-horns scheme to save their small press. It's heartening stuff; I recommend you take a look at this blog written by one of the founders.

In other news, I definitely eat more fruit when it's sunny. I also drink more wine. Will the two balance out?

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