Sunday, 1 November 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 1

Is harder than I thought. That's a lie, I knew it would be hard. I have serious problems with actually sitting and writing a lot of words all at once.

I'm okay with that, most of the time, considering that we all write differently and I'm not a believer in pushing yourself so much that you lose the energy and thrill of it. And I sort of potter around when I'm having a writing session, going from story to story, laptop to notebook.

Having said that, I do want to get better at writing a lot in a day. So that's why I'm having a go at NaNoWriMo.

Day 1: 824 words. Not even half of what I'm supposed to have written (daily word count should be 1667 to hit the target of 50000 for the whole month).

Procrastination techniques used today: 3 episodes of Coronation Street, polishing the living room furniture, deleting old text messages, biting all my finger nails, reading synopsis of next 2 weeks worth of Coronation Street episodes, pruning basil plant, googling 'how old is Barbara Windsor's boyfriend?' (He's actually her husband. And he's 46.)

Tomorrow, I'll be soooo much better.


Lynne Hackles said...

Don't stress, Teresa. Not every writer can work to a schedule. I can't! And if I tried I wouldn't be the person I am.
At least your house is getting cleaned and you are filling in gaps in your knowledge. (Gosh, Barbara really has got a toy-boy, hasn't she? I prefer joy-boy myself. Heard an old lady on Deal Or No Deal say it wrong but it was also so right, don't you think?)

Christian Bell said...

824 words is not too shabby. Even if it did not meet the NaNoWriMo target, you’d still have 24,000 words after a month.

Teresa Stenson said...

Lynne - ah yes, I've heard that expression before, and from an old lady too - maybe that's why it feels wrong when you hear it. It's a nice cheeky play on words though, I do like it. Thanks for the advice too.

Christian - I know, 824 is a lot for me in any day, so I'm happy with it really. Maybe that's because I had a better day today, but I also reminded myself today that it really is okay however I approach this, and not to be too hard on myself. While not being easy on myself. Ah, the never-ending cycle... Thank you for your calculated support.