Saturday, 31 October 2009

places to send your work to part 4: Six Sentences

(a day late, but ssshhh...)

Because I'm really trying to do NaNoWriMo this year, and be in Full On Birthday Mode for my boyfriend's 30th this weekend, I'm cheating a little with Part 4 of the Places to send your work to series.

It's not really cheating, it just feels like it is because Six Sentences is a place I know fairly well, because I visit it every day, read the stories they publish every day, comment on most, and have been published there twice (Velcro and Ex).

I've also been rejected twice - but rejection comes in an almost-not-really-rejecting-you way, by suggesting you post your story on the Six Sentences Social Network instead. So far, I haven't taken that up.

Okay - I love Six Sentences for these reasons:

-it's friendly and busy: there are a good bunch of people who comment on most if not all stories published

-the work is varied: all different types of stories go up, and because there are 3 new ones each day you'll usually find one that you like, if not love

-it's easy and quick to sub to: email a story made up of six sentences with a short biography of yourself and you'll receive a reply within 6 days. If it's a yes - your story goes up as soon as you get the email telling you it has. That's very fulfilling for a writer, rather than having to wait a couple of weeks or months to see your work in print/online.

That's just 3 reasons. Darn it, if I had time I'd write 6.

Whether you're a reader or a writer I urge you to go and check out Six Sentences, if you haven't already. (I know a lot of you have, because a few of my much appreciated followers found me there.)


Embee said...

I love Six Sentences! Been published there several times myself.

Also going to try NaNoWriMo this month. Going to write the second novel in a trilogy of romances. Crossing my fingers...

Good luck with yours!!

JR's Thumbprints said...

I've been there before. I'll have to revisit it, if not considerate it.

Teresa Stenson said...

Hey Embee, ah, another Six Sentences fan, lovely. Good luck with your NaNo too!

Hello JR, I dig that rhyming comment. Very nice.