Thursday, 12 November 2009

Inner critic rears head in Nano Week 2

Though, actually - it's pretty much always there when I'm writing. Just yesterday it was bloody persistent and took the form of a Newsnight Review panelist:

"...and that entire section of 2nd person, I mean - what on earth was that? Why bother? Oh yeah, observations about life, blah blah: meaningless. Nothing to do with the story, or the plot, just a contrived attempt to jazz up a - quite frankly - very dull novel."

Be gone!


Lynne Hackles said...

Tell it to sod off.
This is what Natalie Goldberg calls Monkey Mind. You have to get rid of it. Her books are Wild Mind and Writing Down the Bones.
You've just given me an idea to blog about. Hope it'll help you. I'm off.

Christian Bell said...

Yes, definitely follow the excellent wisdom of Natalie Goldberg (two excellent books on writing, by the way). You have to turn off the inner editor and keep going!

Teresa Stenson said...

I think it's just that day was the first day I actually properly acknowledged it - even though, like I said, I always know it's lurking... but yes, thanks both of you for reminding me to tell it to talk-to-the-hand.

Will check out this Natalie Goldberg you speak of.