Monday, 2 November 2009

Day 2. Verdict: better

Yes, better, I was better at NaNoWriMo-ing today.

Still below the word count, but - things took off in an unexpected way, a background character became one of the most, if not the most, important character in the book. I say 'book', I mean 'scribble'.

It's exciting. It felt good. It wouldn't have happened if I wasn't doing NaNo.

And today I reminded myself that however I move forward with this is okay. It doesn't 'fit' at the moment for me to write reams of prose, and I'm probably not ready for it. My novel is still a fossil that I'm dusting off (that's a Stephen King-ism from his writing manual On Writing). So I'm playing around and making notes, often just typing ideas out or questions about where things could go, how characters link together, or scenes I should include.

It's fun! And it should be. I will remember that.

Oh, so wordcount: 2017

All good in the hood.

(yeah, I just said that.)


Clowncar said...

Good for you. I could never keep up that kind of pace. I'm pretty obsessive about word count, and am about 480 words a day. Never gotten above 1000 in one day. I'm a plodder.

Still, I'll have written a novel by year's end.

But a month, never.

Teresa Stenson said...

Hey Clowncar. I used to get hung up on how many words I should write, and compare myself to other writers, but for me it really varies depending on so many external factors not to mention where I am with a particular story.

480 words a day is good, especially if it's consistent. Good luck with your novel.