Thursday, 1 October 2009

a thing published, a possibility, a regret

It's been in my 'Coming Soon' section for ages - today Fiction at Work have published a very short piece I wrote a while ago called Approaching girls in Dixons in their Short Shorts section and you can read it here.

And other writing news - Writers' Forum have shortlisted a story I sent to them for possible publication. They asked me to resend the story plus a biog and photograph to the editor so we'll see what he thinks, if he thinks it'll fit. If it does, it'll pay either £100, £150 or £300 - which would be, well, ace right now.

I always find writing biographies tough. 'Teresa Stenson is...' ???

You want to sound professional, but not too serious. Interesting, but not try-hard-quirky. My most regretted biography: 'Teresa Stenson is happiest with a cinnamon whirl in one hand a cup of good coffee in the other.' YAK!


Jessica said...

Approaching Girls in Dixons is great :)

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, Jessica!

Clowncar said...

Nice story.

Such a dry last line.

I like your work.

Teresa Stenson said...

Thank you, Clowncar - that's so good to hear. I just followed your link to see you wrote the 'Little Plaid Ghost' over at Six - which I liked very much. So, I like your work too. We're even.

Miles said...

Teresa Stenson lives below sea level in a squirrel's back pocket surrounded by rhubarb muffins and postcards from The Edge from U2.

Teresa Stenson said...

That's EXACTLY what I want to express when I write those things. Thank you, Miles, for putting my life into words.