Sunday, 11 October 2009

come and get it

Okay, I got this fab idea from Tania Hershman's blog.

Here's the deal:

The first 3 people to reply to this comment will get a lovely thing from me.

But WHY?

It's like one of those 'Random acts of kindness' thingies. No big big reason. Tania did it because she felt like some pretty nice things have happened to her lately and she wanted to give a bit back, or, and this is a painful expression, "Pay it forward". I feel the same. I've had some good bits of writing news lately: some you know, some you will soon.

If you look in Tania's comments box you'll see how I jumped in and yelled "Give me a lovely thing!" or similar. You have to be quick and bold here.


You are agreeing, when you throw your comment in my comment box, that you will do something or give something lovely to 3 other people. I mean it. No self self selishness, please.

You don't have to do it like this, in a blog-way, but you have to do it in some way. Or the world will end. Or be less good. One or the other.


Who wants a lovely thing and will in turn do/give 3 lovely things to/for 3 other people?


Jessica said...

Hello! I would like to be quick and bold! *Jumps up and down plus a sort of dance thingy*

Jessica said...

Did I comment here - I thought I did - hmmmm. Maybe it got lost or I dreamt the whole typing thing.

Please could I be a 'pay it forward' sort of person?

Anonymous said...

Teresa Stenson consider me a prime target to have something Lovely flung their way if the liking takes you.


Teresa Stenson said...

He he, yes Jessica, you really did do the typing thing. I just set my comments to 'moderate' or whatevs. I'll undo that setting now though.

Jessica and Katie are numbers one and two!!!

Who's the third?

Anonymous said...

I'm not shy. But Teresa doesn't know me. She probably has lots of friends she'd rather send the lovely thing to. But she blogged so that anyone can answer. But the postage will be more expensive. But... Oh what the hell. Could I be number three please? ~Miriam

Teresa Stenson said...

Of course! Hello, Miriam. "But she blogged so that anyone can answer" - exact-a-mundo.

So, that's 3 lovely lady recipients. I don't think I can see your email addresses on your profiles so if you each email me with your postal address that would be grand. (I got my email address back in '99 when I was 18 and everyone was obsessed with the year 2000. There is no excuse for the 'treacle tree' part.)

Now, the panic and joy of finding things to send...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Nothing like a bit o'friendly pressure!


Clowncar said...

Hey, I ended up getting a lovely thing from you too. I read your wonderful story about approaching girls at Dixon's, submitted a story to Fiction at Work, and got accepted (out Nov 4). So, thanks for sharing your writing life with us. And your stories, of course.

Teresa Stenson said...

Wow - that's fantastic, how very cool! And well done to you. Awesome. Excellent. Super.

I'll stop that now.

I look forward to reading your story, and I'm very happy you liked mine and it prompted you to sub. That's ace (last one).

Anonymous said...
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