Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Good luck, Bridport entrants

So many hits from folks Googling about The Bridport Prize this past week - deadline is tomorrow (31st May) so will no doubt get a few more visitors in the next 24 hours.

So you Googled and now you're wondering why you've ended up here? Click here.

Bon chance!


Anonymous said...

Ah, well, I'm a regular -- I come to say hi and see what's up, irrespective of Bridport. Did you enter this yr? I did -- flash and short story. It's like a little charitable donation to the arts, for me. ;P Great fun though -- and still 3 1/2 hours to go. (The most fun I ever had entering a comp was deciding with Jon Pinnock (via Twitter), to enter Bridport on the evening of the deadline (a year or two back). Didn't exactly win but had so much fun entering.

Anonymous said...

Oh, got me bracket all wrong, oops.

Teresa Stenson said...

Ah, hi Martha. I didn't enter - I'm not sure I ever will again, you know, it feels like I had my moment there in 2009 and that's cool.

Didn't Jon Pinnock get shortlisted a year or 2 ago? Was that the year of the last-minute entry?

Good luck with your stories. 'Charitable donation' he he, I know what you mean. There are some prizes I feel like that about too.