Wednesday, 16 May 2012

writing opportunities

A round-up of what's looking interesting for subbing writers right now:

For the young 'uns: If you're 18-25 and you write fiction for children, this competition from The Guardian and Hot Key Books looks fantastic. Your fiction needs to be either for children aged 9-12 or 13-19, original and unpublished, and could win you a £10,000 advance. Closes 31st May.

For playwrights: 2 very different contests -  The People's Play Award and Pint-Sized Plays both have competitions running that close on May 31st. 

For everyone: 18 - yes 18 - different competitions from The Winchester Writers' Conference 2012, including prizes (cash and/or books) for poetry, short stories, life writing and article writing. Some categories close on 25th May, others are 1st June. Full details here

For those interested in self-publishing: Shortbread stories are offering a fantastic prize of a self-publishing package worth £3000. Submit a novel, novella or a short story collection before June 17th. Details here.

For poets, fictioners, life writers: The Wasafiri New Writing Prize is open with £300 prize in each category. Closes July 27th - loads of time to write and send a cracking piece of work.

Good luck if you try your luck in any of these.


This week I have been mostly...

  • filling in a form
  • organising a trip to see my family
  • warming up milk for various cups of hot chocolate
  • thinking about a really tasty steak I ate days ago

the rest of the week I will...
  • write and submit some writing
  • catch up with some old friends
  • keep thinking about that steak

And do the day jobs, au naturel. 

What you up to?


Rebecca Alexander said...

I was going to relax, knowing the deadline for the next competition (Mslexia poetry) was in June, but apparently, I'll be entering one or two of the Winchester Conference comps and writing something for Wasifiri. Thanks for putting them up, a timely reminder!

Teresa Stenson said...

Haha, fantastic. A subbing writer's work is never done, Rebecca! Good luck.

Rachel Fenton said...

Ah, Wasifiri - want to enter that one. ALso want to enter something in the Commonwealth if I can. Been doing a fair bit of writing - but no submitting - I don't get writer's block; I get submitters block. Also, I'm broke....

PS is your brother's face alright now, post ladder fall?

Teresa Stenson said...

It is - I saw him yesterday and he was spot on, it DOES look like he was bit by a dog! He's incredibly happy to not be broken in pieces - he landed on a pile of wood - yay! because to his left and right: concrete floors. He's a tough cookie.

Thank you for asking x

Good luck in Wasifiri.