Friday, 1 June 2012

I'm writing this

while sipping cava and eating salt and vinegar crisps. I know how to look after myself, don't I?

The cava was a birthday present (from April) (the month - don't know anyone called April) which I put in the fridge earlier this week when I found out I had an interview for the Writer in Residence job. BUT I don't know yet if I got it or not and won't know for sure until Wednesday (because of all the shitting bank holidays) so I thought I'd open it anyway be celebratory about being interviewed no matter what the outcome is. YAY!

The day went well in lots of ways, but I have that nagging feeling I didn't quite say all I wanted to in the interview part, and I pitched my presentation to the students a little off: one of the stories I shared was too quiet and steady really, plus they were tired - unfortunately I drew the short straw and was the last writer to talk to them - they were a little restless, I felt, and definitely ready for lunch. The 2nd story I read to them had more energy and got some laughs.

I really can't call it, I have no idea who out of the 4 of us who attended the interview day will get the job. All the other 3 candidates were lovely, talented and accomplished writers, but all very different. A theatre practitioner, a screen-writer, a poet/novelist, and me: a short story writer. 

If I don't get it, it's still a great experience, and it's made me think I'd like to get involved in writing in schools in some way. Visits, workshops maybe. Do any of you writers do this? If so, can you give me any advice?

I've subbed several short stories this week so hope to have some news of publication soon. I have stories being read at Fleeting Magazine, Flash Fiction Online, and The Yeovil Literary Prize.

Now I must refill this flute.


Scribble Spud said...

I don't have any advice (apart from enjoy the Cava!)but I hope you get the job.

Carole Anne Carr said...

Just keep popping into my new site
As well as writing children's stories, I've written short stories and do school visits. I may be able to help. :0)

Rachel Fenton said...

OOH, fingers and tootsies crossed - hope you get the job xxx

And good luck with your subs!

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, all!

Just got a rejection from one of the subs, but still don't know about the job... ta for your well wishes.