Monday, 28 May 2012

sunny innit

It's been such a lovely week of good weather here in the UK. I know us Brits LOVE talking about the weather and I'm just reinforcing stereotypes by writing about this but... it's kind of rare for us to have a full run - 7days! - of blue skies and heat. I think the sun brings out the best in most people - not all - I have plenty of good friends who get clammy and upset in it - but generally, the sun brings positivity and a feeling of anything is possible.

Right in the middle of this mini heat wave I got an invite for an interview for a job I really really hoped to get - Writer in Residence at a school nearby - only I had to withdraw when the school made it clear that the 'residence' aspect was absolutely necessary, and not negotiable as I'd hoped when I applied. Even though I'm walking distance away I can see why they want someone to live on campus, but that just isn't a commitment I can make. I'm sure it'd suit a single writer with no ties really well, but that isn't me. I'm glad I got shortlisted, I felt like I ticked the boxes and would have been really inspired to get the job. But there we go. As ever, onwards!

I saw my family last week and will be welcoming my (almost) sister in law from Australia this coming week so there's lots of lovely stuff going on. Loveliest of all, two of my friends got married in secret - wowing me and everyone they know with this unexpected and wonderful union. Yes, I just said 'union'.

Now I have to go and work my evening bar shift - white wine spritzers a go-go.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Sorry to hear that you had to turn down the offer. Still there's quite a lot of good news for you, I see.

It's something I've always wanted to do, the tutor bit, but have an invalid husband.

Instead I've begun a new blog
and I wondered if you would add yourself as follower - I'm looking for support. Thanks, Carole.

Carole Anne Carr said...

Thanks for joining me, Teresa. :0)

Teresa Stenson said...

You're welcome, Carole - good luck with your new venture.

Thanks for your support here, too.

(See my latest post for an update on the job situation...)