Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Good news

Spookily, at the same time I was penning the post below about having to withdraw from the Writer in Residence job I'd applied for, I got an email from the school to say that they've reflected on the requirement for the successful candidate to live at the school and are now able to negotiate on this - so I am now back in the process and will be attending an interview day on Thursday! 

This is very welcome news. It's not just an interview - I also have to give a presentation to a group of students so I have lots to prepare for. Exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

Wish me luck!


Miss McFish said...

Flipping heck, only just seen this, so too late to wish you luck! How'd it go?

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks - it went well, I think - really hard to tell, the other 3 candidates were all really strong and I have no clue about who they'll go for. The ol' waiting game now - I'll post when I have news. Thanks for your luck - I'll take it!

Miss McFish said...

All crossable things crossed!