Friday, 22 November 2013


Thanks so much to everyone who commented, retweeted and just generally helped spread the word about Andrew David Barker's guest post. Andrew very generously donated 2 copies of his novel The Electric for a give away, and everyone who commented and RT'd went into a bowl (NOT a hat as previously suggested). It's now time to reveal the winners. 

I did two draws - one to win the e-book and one to win the real book. I thought it'd be more exciting if I took photos of myself drawing the names out of a bowl. I think you'll agree it really livens up what is essentially a very straightforward procedure.

To begin - this is when I thought I was taking a photo of myself but it was actually video. CLASSIC!*

 Okay she's getting the hang of it now. This is the bowl.

 Yep, she's picked a name out.

This says 'Fixated' but back to front. Congratulations to Steve, the man behind the radio show 'Fixated On' - you've won a real life paper and ink copy of THE ELECTRIC!

And Jane - co-founder of The Bath Short Story Award - you've won THE ELECTRIC e-book!

Andrew will be in touch with you both via Twitter to organise getting your books to you.

Thanks again.

*It's quite impressive the transition from POSE to CONFUSED to REALISATION isn't it. 
All THAT in 4 seconds.



Carole Anne Carr said...

What a fun idea!

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh brilliance in tiny film mode! You star x

Sorry I missed all of this prize draw fun - congrats the winners!

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks Carole and Rachel!