Saturday, 9 November 2013

Happening here, Monday

Just a little note to tell you we'll have a guest writer here on Monday.  

Andrew David Barker has written a fantastic letter-to-himself - you know, like Vanessa Gebbie and Kerry Hudson did - to mark the release of his debut novel, The Electric.

AND he's very generously going to give away TWO copies (one Kindle, one physical) of the book to TWO of you, my lovely readers, and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is to comment on the post when it goes up on Monday.

Look at the front cover of the book!

Read this extract of Andrew's letter!

In the late 90s you’ll join a rock band as a lead guitarist and get signed by a small record label. You’ll record a single, go on photo shoots, tour up and down the country, and live quite a hedonistic lifestyle. You’ll think you’ve made it. You haven’t.
All that you will go through won’t be easy – I won’t lie to you – but that creative itch in your mind – that is small, but still very much there when you’re 16 – will grow…


See you back here, Monday. 

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