Monday, 27 January 2014

When you haven't blogged for a while need to come back with a BANG

So here it is - I've never mentioned her before because she's not into social media but when I told her I needed a post with a little SHAZAM she agreed to let me introduce her...

I have a twin sister, Erica. 

That's me on the left (obviously).

Is your mind blown? Well just wait til you see this bit of footage. It's just us goofing around, we're such goofballs. You must be wondering what it's like having a twin. Well, it's both nice and not nice. That's the only way I can describe it!

Anyway, look at this, it's just a little routine we did on the hoof. We're always doing stuff like this!

Anyway now you've seen her and you've realised I'm still here we shall never speak of her again.


Dan Purdue said...

Are you sure Erica's your twin? You look nothing like her.

Teresa Stenson said...


However. You didn't notice when she went to the last Dales meet instead of me. Drank loads of gin, apparently.

Dan Purdue said...

Oh, I see - she's the Danny De Vito twin and you're the Arnold Schwarzenegger one. That makes sense.

BettyMcFab said...

Maybe Erica would like to receive the Liebster blog award I'm nominating you for on your behalf? You can see the details over on my blog: Erica may have more time than you to devote to the millions of questions and answers and random facts.