Friday, 13 January 2012

It's really quiet in here. She likes to talk.

She's telling every customer she's done two ten-hours shifts this week.

She's pretty sure there aren't any nuts in the muffin but if there are the woman can use the cafe's phone to call the ambulance.

Her total hours worked this week are 45; she usually does 32.

"The best one is when someone asks for a latte and I say, 'Which size', and they say 'A LATTE' and I say, 'Yeah, but which size?' They've been sarcastic with me because they think I'm not listening when actually it's THEM, they're not paying attention to me."

She can do the Thursday shift next week if they can't get anyone else to do it.


Writing Wanton Wrongs said...

I love this,reading 'shes pretty sure there arent any nuts in the muffin' bought to mind all those sandwich short of a picnic/lead short of a pencil (? might have made that one up actually,worring) and that really helped me see your overwrorked character. Can this lady be a regular blog feature? She could moonlight at a chemists..

really enjoyed the Dan Purdue interview too

Happpy new year :)

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Pearl - Happy New Year to you too! Nice to 'see' you. Glad you found something in this. Regular character - she could be...

Pleased you enjoyed the Purdue Interview too (aware and happy with the almost-rhyming).

Hope your writing is going well.