Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Covered in flour

Some thought processes stemming from a modern cookery show on TV. Sort of a character sketch, sort of some of my own thoughts too.

I am your target audience. I watch your show and it makes me want things. I’m not a man and I can’t bake but you're making me want to be a Fabulous Baker Brother. They look like they get on. They look like they have good parents.

I bet they have a nice house with personal items stuck on the fridge. I bet they are relaxed about drawing on the fridge. They use it as a whiteboard. They write things like, ‘We need eggs!’ only not that, because they have hens.

I could be the wife of a Baker Brother. That might be more appropriate.

I bet they have a lot of family get-togethers. I bet they are comfortable if people just drop by.

I’ll marry the taller one, with the gap tooth. But I’ll have an affair with the older, shorter one. We could ‘do it’ covered in flour and say things like, ‘I hope no one catches us’.

It’s impossible to take any of these recipes in. I’ll have a look online later.

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