Wednesday, 13 October 2010

my week

is really divided.

OK - thing is, I have a new routine because I got a new job. I've been doing the new job with the new routine for almost 2 weeks now. This is the 2nd week of the new Divided Week(s).

Previously I'd have a few days off scattered around, and the nature of my bar job would mean I'd sometimes do a day shift and sometimes a night and sometimes an all-day-and-night shift. Each week would vary. Not erratically, but I'd work some days, have a day off, work some more days, have a day off. Etc.

But now - I work for a University as a notetaker (I go to lectures with students who, for whatever reason, can't take their own notes) and all of my sessions are on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I still do my other job, the bar job, Monday daytime and Saturday morning.

I'm free all day Thursday, Friday, most of Saturday and all day Sunday.

So really - all I'm saying is, I'm not actually working any less hours than I was a few weeks ago, but it's split up in this way that should be good - because I can dedicate Thursday, Friday, Sunday to writing. But for whatever reason, the split freaked me out last week and I didn't write a thing.

This is one of those posts that as I write it, I just think - who gives a sh*t? How indulgent is this, telling everyone what my days off are. There are men being hauled up from the ground right now. BBC News 24 is addictive today. Repetitive as always, but I can't help but watch each man come up - thinking about what he might be thinking, seeing the reunions with mothers/wives/children - knowing that somewhere in the world, a script has already been written. Probably been cast too.

It's an amazing story.


essygie said...

not indulgent at all - it helps to hear other writers have the same issues that I have - I've always found changes in routine, even nice ones, to be unsettling and I'm unable to write when unsettled so... I completely understand. You'll soon settle in, though, and then the writing will flow again :-)

And yeah - the miners' rescue is amazing, yay for good news :-)

Rachel Fenton said...

I think it's very helpful and interesting and not a bit indulgent. Change can temporarily be a sludgy ink through a fine nib.

Only seen the rescue on the tinternet news - no telly - I reduce my distractions...except when I don't and then I find myself reading tosh even though I know I have proper important stuff to do - like now - I'm reading blogs when I should be...making dinner?...changing a dirty nappy?'ll come to me...

Hope you get into your stride this week!

Teresa Stenson said...

Essy - thanks, I like reading about other writers' routines and progress too - just when I'm writing about my own I feel a bit conscious that it's inconsequential in the big scheme of things. But you can't apply that to everything, I know, and this is a writing blog... just get the Blog Doubts from time to time. And yes, a good news story is so rare but wonderful.

Rachel - you can't say you're finding yourself 'reading tosh' in the comments of the toshy blog you're reading! And I was just starting to feel better about my Blog Doubts and all.

Go feed your son. :)