Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Ha'llo'w'een

I like Halloween. It's got atmosphere and calls for half lights and warm drinks and spooky films and snacks. Or it does this year, in our flat. A quieter Halloween than previous years for me and Mario - part of the reason I like Halloween is down to Mario - it's his birthday tomorrow and because he loves horror and pumpkins and the whole thing we embrace it as part of his birthday-ness.

Here's the obligatory pumpkin-looks-like-it's-your-head photo of me from this year:

This is Mario doing the same last year

And from Halloweens past

Me, in the centre, with the luverly Patricia and Kathy

The year I was Regan from Exorcist - complete with pea-soup stained nightie and chewing gum stuck on my face for demonic scratch marks....

Mario went as (deep breath) A drag queen who had been killed by another drag queen while getting ready for a show... easier to make sense of in this photo

please note the stiletto-through-the-heart method of death.

Me and this year's pumpkin wish you a Happy Halloween


happy kimono said...

Happy Birthday to Mario! Hope you are both having a lovely day x x x

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks Elphaba! It was a lovely day indeed. How was the gig? xx

Rachel Fenton said...

Having a Hallowe'en birthday really brings a whole new twist to "many happy returns".

Fab photos!

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, Rachel :)