Friday, 22 October 2010

got woken up at 4am

by these words, spoken by my boyfriend (of nearly 9 years), who was propped up on his elbow and looking right at me:

"Hello, who are you? Hi - who are you? Who are you?"

He might as well have shone a torch into my eyes. But he accepted my answer of 'Teresa!' quite quickly, and, as usual when he sleep talks, he went straight back to sleep and has no recollection of it.


Today I'm working on some short stories / characters who are being fuelled by how I'm feeling at the moment - which is a bit unsettled, a bit at sea. (Not because of the interrogation, but it is quite fitting...)


happy kimono said...

Awwww Mario is so funny. You should have told him you were an angel ;)x x x

Julie P said...

That's really funny! Not being woken up, though. I probably wouldn't have been capable of giving a coherent answer at that time in the morn!

Hope you get some great writing out of your current theme.


Teresa Stenson said...

Elle - ha, yes, well, thing is with Mario he'd believe it then be disappointed. When we first started going out he said he saw the pupil of my eye disintegrate into different pieces so I whispered, 'That's because I'm an angel' and for 0.2 seconds he looked so completely thrilled and terrified that I had to shout 'Kidding!!!'. And anyway he's never looked as let down.

Hi Julie - thank you, I think that because I'm a light sleeper I just kicked in to 'reassurance mode'. Maybe as well because I've woken up before to see him looking at me like I'm a demon and I've had to calm him down.

What must this be communicating about my relationship?!

Rachel Fenton said...

Freaky but in an interesting want to know more way.

Apparently I am the sleeptalker/walker in our house - my dear fellow (who doesn't even snore) says I even made myself a hot milk once but I don't remember that. I frequently have nightmares/terrors and they unnerve him a lot. Great for story inspiration though. Well done you for being so placid about it.

Teresa Stenson said...

Oh no - I've seen footage of people having night terrors, looks hideous for all concerned! It's all quite fascinating though isn't it, that you could get up and boil milk and still be asleep. The brain is so cooool.

Julie P said...

It's interesting with sleep walkers and sleep talkers that they are totally unaware of what they've said or done when they wake up. I'm a light sleeper too and I've never had the experience of an adult sleep walker/talker.But my daughter sometimes talks in her sleep and it's really funny listening to her rambling on - she sometimes giggles too! She's only sleep walked once when she got out of bed and was on her way downstairs at three in the morning thinking it was time for breakfast and to get ready for school. That wasn't fun as we had to get her back upstairs but she wasn't having any of it and had a right old tantrum!

I'm dreadfully grumpy if I'm woken up!


Teresa Stenson said...

Me too - have been known to be rather rude to people who have taken me from slumber... Have also reeeally wanted to shoot a bird or two. Haven't, ovvers.

Sara said...

My boyfriend sometimes talks in his sleep. Or mumble rather. And laugh and giggle. Once, he even started clapping his hands and said 'well done, well done'. But in a rather sarcastic voice. I'm a light sleeper so woke up instantly, wondering what was going on. I always tell him the next morning, and he never remembers what he was dreaming about when he's talking or laughing etc. I suppose I should be grateful it's not scary dreams!

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Sara, thanks for stopping in. We should start a support group :) I'm guessing you've heard of 'Sleep Talkin Man'? Take a look: