Sunday, 9 August 2009


interesting little writing comp here

I only say 'little' because they'd like pieces of just 25 words, even less if you like.

I like that they ask not for stories with a beginning, middle and end, but say:
We want stories we can read again and again and never tire of. Stories that don’t pull any punches. Stories that make us think, that evoke some kind of emotional response.

'Hint Fiction' is the name for such small wonders, and when they're done right, they really are wondeful (check out the previous winners for a flavour).

Closing date is end of August, and it's free to enter. You can send 2 pieces of Hint Fiction, or 3 - if you put a link to the website on your blog (like I just did), or your twitter thing if you do that twitter thing.

100-150 of the winning and commended stories will be published in an anthology.

I'm just about to email mine (an entire 22 days before the closing date. See, I may have learnt a lesson this week.).


Tania Hershman said...

22 days before?? Do I know you? I have never managed to do that, if I get it in a week before, I feel proud. Well done, girl. And thanks for that whopping pic of my book cover beautifully there on the side of your blog. Heart-warming :)

Teresa Stenson said...

Hey Tania, I know - 22 days is probably a record, and such a contrast to the thing that happened on Friday. I just found myself tinkering with the stories too much, they were finished, within the word count, ready as they'd ever be, but I still kept tinkering... I thought it best to send them away and free up some brain space.

I'm glad seeing your book cover warmed your cockles :)

katiemccullough said...

Ooooh another thing for me to try my hand at... thanks for blogging about this!

Also thank you for your comment on my 6S story, this is how I ended up here. Really appreciate it.

Many thanks,


(You're now on my RSS feed, hope you don't mind!)

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Katie -

Of course I don't mind being on your RSS feed - I don't 100% know what an RSS feed is but it's a good thing, right? :)

Good luck with Hint Fiction - glad to have directed you there. Funnily enough, it was Tania (up there) who directed me there.

You're welcome (about the Six comment). I really liked your story. It's a very cool little place, 6S, and now part of my daily digest.

Thanks for saying hello :)

katiemccullough said...


RSS feed mean that I get notified when you update your blog. Like friendly eavesdropping/stalking. I stress the word friendly!

Going to have a stab at some Hint Fiction later tonight... great that such small things can have a wallop of an impact. Which is probably why we both adore 6S.

Teresa Stenson said...

Hope the Hint-ing went well?

My eager-ness to sub my pieces has left me with a 'oh dear' feeling as I've read back over them and wondered if they could have been better... always the way!