Sunday, 23 August 2009

brevity and opportunity

Really, I could have edited that entire last post to: I should only send work out that I really like. Or just like a bit. Or am interested in.

(I'll shut up now, or another 500 words will spew...)

I've just found a few interesting writing opportunities coming up that I'd like to share:

"exceptional writers from the North who want to write drama for television. If you have a strong individual voice, the ability to create great characters and tell compelling stories, and a real passion for television drama, you could take part in Northern Voices."
More of a scheme than a competition, the 4 selected writers will work on their craft with top Beeb writers and producers.

Closes AUG 28th.

£3 per entry, or £10 for four.
First prize £100.
Closes AUG 31st.

£10 per entry
One winner from each category bags £500
+ publication in the Creative Works annual
+ a year's subscription to Aesthetica Magazine
+ a copy of the annual
Closes AUG 31st

Free to enter
Selected pieces to be performed at their '5 Minute Festival'
The judges then select the best piece to be filmed by a trio of professionals.
Closes SEP 7th

I seem to be writing a lot of dialogue heavy stories at the moment, and it's making me wonder if I should have a go at writing a script. That might be a massively ignorent leap to make: I know there will be much more to scriptwriting and I'd be totally out of my depth if I ventured that way, but, you know, it could be good to try summat new.


Miles said...

You wouldn't be out of your depth, I reckon you'd be great at it.

With a script you can literally write the dialogue as it occurs to you and so it all moves quite fast, then you can go back and fix it if need be. It's really freeing not having to write 'he said' after everything too!

Give it a go, I bet you enjoy it. Oh and try it on a glass of red ;-)

Teresa Stenson said...

Ooh, you've persuaded me. To have some wine. And maybe write something..?

Miles said...