Saturday, 9 June 2012

I didn't get the job - but that's okay

Don't know what I'm talking about? Scroll down to the previous couple of posts.

I know saying something like 'but that's okay' is what people do immediately after sharing semi-bad news, but I'm being honest.

With a little help from my almost- sister- in- law (Anjani, she's an Ayurvedic therapist) I've been able to see clearly the positives about the process of applying and interviewing, and it feels like I am unlocking something else, or getting closer to where I should be, even though I didn't get the job.

I feel this light and positivity despite getting 2 rejections this week as well. Both Flash Fiction Online and Fleeting Magazine passed on the stories I sent. However, there is just something that stings more with a magazine rejection rather than the times you don't get listed in a competition. It feels more personal, though I understand all the reasons why stories don't make it.

We had a great few days having Anjani stay with us, the way how when you have a guest you see the place where you live through fresher eyes, and you take a little more time getting to places, and you seek out new things to try or you just plain notice things you haven't before.

I'm excited about a couple of writing projects / goals I'm working towards - one of which is Salt Publishing's Scott Prize for Short Stories. I had my eye on this prize last year but ultimately didn't feel like the time was right for me to put my stories in one place. That's altered a little this year, there's a coherence I feel I can get that I couldn't before. I couldn't sleep last night so I looked this prize up and thought about the stories I already have and some I don't and it feels possible.

I also found this interesting publishing house. Miel are reading for the whole of June and have really exciting guidelines (for this writer, anyway).

My blog will be 3 years old soon. It'd be nice to do something, but what...?

Hope you're well. Yes, YOU. 



Elisabeth said...

Those rejections can really hurt, teresa, but I suppose we have to get used to them. It's a by product of a writer's life I reckon. Not for the faint warted. It's good to read you're getting on in spite of them.

Rachel Fenton said...

I'm tempted by the Scott Prize too but it's daunting, very daunting...I also want to enter everything, so not putting much pressure on myself this year.

I think rejections always sting but the duration of the pain gets less with each one. Best to pitch into another story and turn that emotion into story gold, I find.

Be kind to yourself and remember good things do happen, and they will for you x

Rachel Fenton said...

PS. Nom nom - checking out recipes on Anjani's site....time for a late night snackerel making, I think....

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Elisabeth - nice to see you here. Yeah, they sting but it fades and you move on, on , on. Definitely part of what we do. I think often they're what we use to measure we're doing okay, little nods. I'll just nod to myself instead, as and when needed. Hope your writing is going well.

Hi Rachel - the Scott Prize is a bit daunting but I'm seeing it as a personal challenge I think, and if my collection isn't taken up I'll have put something together that I feel is meaningful - I've always hesitated around the idea of an anthology before - always felt I didn't want to do it just cause I had enough stories. It needs to need to be put together. Thanks for your support, as ever. I'm going to make Anjani's apple and parsnip soup this weekend I think. 'Snackerel' - great word.