Wednesday, 1 February 2012

so it's really true

...that if you have something to do, some task or another, you should ask a busy person to do it.

I've had a hectic week with work - both day jobs, and visitors, and work, but have ended up writing more than I do in a less full-on week. I had a deadline because I had to have 2 pieces of work written to take with me on a writing weekend (heading off later today), and 4 or 5 days ago I really didn't have 2 pieces that were ready to be seen.

But a cunning use of any spare minute and a nice bout of insomnia one night and a little bit of pressure has seen me through and I have my 2 pieces - one short story, and, what might be the first chapter of a novel I've been thinking about thinking about writing for a while.

So, later on I'll be away to the Dales with my writing group (includes this fella) for 3 days. We'll do review sessions for the work we take along, and we'll do a few writing exercises, and we'll talk a lot. It's a sociable trip, and a welcome chance to communicate face-to-face with people I mostly talk to via my keyboard.

Have a great weekend whatever you're doing.


Rachel Fenton said...

Hope you have a lovely and productive time, Teresa. Mostly I talk to a toddler - it's not good for the writing!

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks, Rachel - it was splendid. When I was teaching I used to have that problem - meeting other teachers in the corridor and not being able to construct a sentence. I wasn't a great teacher.