Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Feeling lucky, punk?

...this writer is: JF Rodrigues

He's put a bet on himself at William Hill that he'll win the Man Booker before he's 60. (He's 47 now.)

It's ambitious, driven - I won't be doing it myself but whatever gets you motivated, right?

My favourite grape variety in white wine is Sauvignon (this is relevant, honest) and knowing that the Sancerre region of France is famed for its Sauv Blanc I asked Mario to buy me a bottle last Christmas so I could save it and open it when I'd finished writing something longer than a short story.

11 months on and it still sits atop the kitchen top.

(Now I must reassure myself) Don't panic, Teresa! You are a bitty writer, you write a bit here, a bit there, work on several things at once, all is not lost, etc etc.

ANYWAY. That wine is my motivator. But I'm worried now - how long will it stay 'good'? It says 2009 on it - how long have I got???

What about you, do you have anything set up to motivate you?


Elisabeth said...

The thought of sharing the writing with others or at best with myself is my motivator.

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Elisabeth. Ah yes - there is that. Good reminder!

I just wondered if other people had a 'reward' waiting for when they'd achieved something particularly hard for them, beyond the writing they do day to day.

Rachel Fenton said...

I think getting anything published is a reward, if someone reads it and lets you know, that's a very cool reward.

Anonymous said...

I think showing off motivates me. Probably why I gravitaed towards poetry - more open mic opportunities. Sad, innit.

Meanwhile, I've nominated you for a Liebster award: http://myfanwyfox.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/blogging-community/

Teresa Stenson said...

Rachel - yes, it's brilliant when someone, in their own time, off their own back, tells you they read your words. Very cool indeed.

Fran - no - not sad! Brave. I admire you so much for getting up and saying your words to people (I put that well). Thank you for the award :)

Dan Purdue said...

I think the Booker-betting man has come up with a pretty shrewd piece of marketing. Good luck to him - he seems to have picked up a lot of exposure for his £10 stake.

If Mario chose well, that bottle could be increasing in value all the time.

I don't think I ever write with a specific reward in mind. Although when I first decided to try writing a novel, I promised myself that I would buy a desk and office chair to write at once I'd reached 10,000 words. Up until then I worked at a gatefold table, sitting on a director's chair. Neither was remotely practical. I hit the word count, bought the chair and a piece of kitchen worktop from IKEA (much nicer wood than any of the proper desks I could afford), and set up a dedicated writing area. I'm yet to go back to that novel; it's been six years so far...

These days I suppose it's not a question of rewards for motivation, but I always try to mark each achievement that comes my way, no matter how small. Whether that's a drink or a meal out somewhere, or something bigger (like, say, an Arvon course). It's good not to let successes pass unnoticed. So perhaps that's my motivation; I need as many excuses as I can get to treat myself to cool stuff.


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Teresa Stenson said...

Hey Dan - I too am keen to acknowledge any bit of writing success, however small. We get the "NO!"-s more than the "Yeah all right"-s so it's very necessary for morale.

An Arvon course - that's a very meaningful reward. Nice one. Looking forward to hearing all about it.