Friday, 10 December 2010

come to me, ideas

spark and light up a bulb
like ta-da!
you keep tapping me on the shoulder
and then running away

you're an idea of an idea
a whisker, a wave
from too far away

I'm walking towards you
I'm doing my bit.

That's just a bit of nonsense I wrote this week in my notebook as I worked on developing some ideas for a novel. You know that feeling when you're trying to get a plot point sorted, or you're struggling with some aspect or another, and it feels like it's there just somewhere out of reach... it was a bit like that.


Anna said...

I like! xx

Miles said...

I like too. The ideas aren't coming this week... well not the strong ones anyhow. Keep going x

Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks you two. Yootoo.

I have a feeling the chasing the ideas is the thing that keeps them at bay... but then you have to have a little chase. Then slow down so it doesn't know you're following it. Then shoot it with a gun. Just a stun gun. Then go and pick it up and put it in your napsack.

Miles said...

Ideas are like women, in that regard. I shoot at them regularly.