Friday, 24 September 2010

you know it's time to step away from the laptop when

it's your first day off in a while, and although you really want to write, you're actually just watching wedding dances on youtube.

It's not like you even want to get married or anything. You just followed a link to a fairly good one (here) and from there you couldn't stop clicking all the other links like 'BEST FIRST DANCE EVER!' which, in comparison to the fairly good one, are really crap.

Suddenly you come to your senses, but you're not sure how long you were 'out'. You feel a bit sick.

You ask, Where has the day gone?

You curse the internet. And yourself.

You blog about it. You still feel a bit woozy.

You have a kiwi fruit to try to undo the badness.


Cruella Collett said...

My life. In a nutshell. Well, except the kiwi fruit, maybe. Though now I sort of want one ;)

Good luck finding back to your writing mojo!

Meredith said...

Did you say... wedding dances? ;P

Dan Purdue said...

I don't suppose this helps, Tree, but I seem to have had the exact opposite day to you. Got loads done, saw something impressive and disturbing (although presumably one or two of those wedding dances might have fitted into that category), and feel quite pleased with myself.

Admittedly this kind of day is the exception rather than the rule. Most other days this week, for instance, I'd have been pretty astounded if I'd managed to do something as constructive as watching YouTube all day.

Dan Purdue said...
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Alex said...

You make me laugh T.

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Cruella - glad you could connect with that :) and thanks for the good luck - it came back today, in a coffee shop around 9am.

Meredith - another 5 minutes of my life GONE! A good one though.

Dan - you're such a show-off. I'm happy for you really. Really.

Alex - good, though I suspect 'at' rather than 'with'

Alex said...

Never. Always with. That is as long as you are laughing at yourself, then my 'with' is inadvertently 'at' : )