Friday, 17 September 2010

how long does it take

Despite being really busy and only having one day off this week (today) I've managed to be pretty productive with writing. Have you heard that saying, something like, 'If you have something to do, ask a busy person to do it'? It's most likely snappier than that, but you get the idea.

Things get even busier next week when I start my new job - I'm doing some Education Support work at university. I'm a 'Study Buddy' to start with and will probably do some note taking, library support etc soon as well. I'm pretty excited because one of the students I'm working with is studying Creative Writing - hm, might have to hold back when I accompany them to lectures... don't get involved, Teresa, it's not about you...

So today I've been working on my story for the Asham Award competition. Not the story I was working on last week, oh no, a new one. I have about 2 weeks to have it ready, but I'm being relaxed about it. If it's not ready or isn't happnin then that's okay. I don't have to enter, I just really really want to.

Incidentally, how long do you take to write a short story? A friend told me that Alice Munro takes 6-8 months. I think that's fantastic. I'm heartened by that. When I started writing a few years ago I'd fire them out, and probably needed to seeing as many of them were crap. Less are crap now. Because I don't write as many.

Or it takes me longer. Ideas come and are batted about in my head, my notebook, my head etc, then I might leave them for ages, months and months. Sometimes they become a story, or get worked into a story.

It's hard to really know how long it takes, or how many I write a year. I remember reading, again, in the (my) early days, that Neil Gaiman writes 1-2 stories per year. Back then I was astonished at his pitiful output. Now I think, yeah, similar to me, if I count complete stories that I feel are finished.

What about you?


happy kimono said...

Good luck with your new jon Treacle x x x

Teresa Stenson said...

A new Jon would be nice to replace the old one who is deserting us next week :)

Thanks Elph - see you Wednesday at the leaving drinks? x

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa - good luck with new job, sounds interesting. Wanted to add that it makes me feel so much better to know that some people take a long time to write a short story. I probably only complete about three or four very short stories a year, but I know now that it's OK! Also - good luck also with Asham - yep, theme put me off! Diane

Anonymous said...

Don't know why it posted me as anonymous - have forgotten my google user name! Sorry - tis Diane Becker

Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Diane - it is reassuring, isn't it? Often hearing how other writers do it can be the opposite and fill you with comparison anxiety, so it's good to find one that brings relief. Thanks for the good luck - I really really need it :)