Sunday, 11 April 2010

keeping a diary

is the title of my first non-fiction piece for the latest Tomlit Quarterly and you can read it here (Vol.2 No.2, page 32). It's residing alongside some great stories and artwork too.

It's quite a personal bit of writing about my experiences of keeping a diary as I grew up, with a few embarassing quotes thrown in.

Would love you to take a look.


Clowncar said...

That's very nice. I love the conversation with D. I'm sure those mundane words held great meaning for you at the time. He sounds so dreamy!

claires inner world said...

I thought your article was great - really brought home the poignancy of those teenage years. Glad I'm over those...!

Teresa Stenson said...

Clowncar - ha, yeah, he was... I'm glad you think so too.

Thanks, Claire. I loved being a teenager. I'm such a nostalgia-phile.