Friday, 12 March 2010


the scene: Friday morning, I'm off work, in my favourite coffee shop, warming up for my writing session by compiling my list of Things To Do Today (the top thing to do being 'write in coffee shop') I am purposefully without a newspaper, book or any other potentially distracting object, just me, my notebook and 2 pens.

I am about to list the ingredients I'll need to buy for Vasoo Yassoo on my way home,

And I was only a fifth of the way through my americano!

The pen did start to work again, but the ink only seemed to make an appearence if I wrote non stop. Any time pausing or thinking made the ink hostile. It was a little bit like the bus scene in the film 'Speed'.


essygie said...

lol! - that's why my back-up pen's a pencil :-)

Rachel Fenton said...

Hehe - funny - but not...but funny...hehe..

I find anything can be a distraction if the mind is so inclined...been known to drive myself half crazy with clicking of pen retractor buttons and pencil tapping...

next on list - pack of biros?

Teresa Stenson said...

Essie - oddly, I didn't mention this but yes, me too - I have a back up pencil, but, obviously - yesterday morning I changed handbags and thought - nah, I'll leave the pencil today...

Rachel - bought a pack as soon as I left the coffee shop!